Lan Monitoring using linux o/s

Hi. New One Here. My questions are, I have a pc with dual lan ports. I would like to know if some software is a vailable and/or setup that I can use to monitor my all my network traffic via my main router/switch feed cable as I could in the old days with a hardware lan monitor. I wish to see every thing. I think that I should be able to make my pc a Transperant device so what goes in goes out with all visual data on screen/s. Currently that pc is linux mint. And I only use Linux O/S (kernels). I do have two linux servers and ubuntu also.



Hi Padraig,

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I am not sure what you mean by monitoring the network traffic in a visual way, but if I would like to see the traffic that goes through, I mostly use tcpdump to show data I need. Maybe it will be useful to you as well.