Launcher icon defaults to gnome-shell icon

I recently installed a 3-D modeling package and have managed to wrangle a launcher to the desktop. What a hassle btw. My problem us that the icon on the launcher is the gnome-shell icon.

I found the app’s icon in: /home/software/blender-2.79b/icons/48x48/blender.png but no matter what I do to the Blender.desktop file I am unable to change the launcher icon.

Here us my Blender.desktop config file contents:

[Desktop Entry]

Any ideas???

I was able to solve this after looking at some postings in another forum. Here is what I learned:

The text after 'Icon= ’ in the launcher .desktop config file does nothing until you first right click on the launcher then left click on properties.

Then you left click on the icon that is displayed in the ‘Basic’ properties tab. A window opens that is titled: Select Custom Icon.

You then browse to the location of the icon you wish to use and highlight the file containing the icon. Which in my case was blender.png.

Then click on ‘Open’ in the upper right corner of the Select Custom Icon window. This changes the icon in the launcher properties dialog. Closing the dialog changes the icon on the desktop launcher.

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How to get this? I would like to get the guidelines.