Linux Basic Commands

Hello Everyone, I am looking to awk command in Linux and I know the basic commands like Printing the table line by line, Printing Columns, IF Command, String Operations, Length, Count, For, Non-empty Line, Arithmetic Operations and I want to explore more commands, I have search on google to find awk command in Linux with examples but Can i know there are only 15 basic command in Linux? If anyone knows more. Please share with me

Hi Arjunkumar,

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We have an awk guide that you may be interested in.


Here you can find a list of linux commands which are useful:

  1. Cron: cron [-n|-p|-s|-m]
  2. Vi: vi [-rR][-c command][-t tagstring][-w size][file …]
  3. chmod: chmod [-Rcvf] MODE[,MODE]… FILE…
  4. df: df [-hiklnP] [-t type] [[file|file_system] …]
  5. nslookup: nslookup [HOST] [SERVER]
  6. dd: dd [if=FILE] [of=FILE] [ibs=N] [obs=N] [bs=N] [count=N] [skip=N] [seek=N] [conv=notrunc|noerror|sync|fsync]
  7. ping: ping [-aAbBdDfhLnOqrRUvV6] [-c count] [-F flowlabel] [-i interval] [-I interface] [-l preload] [-m mark] [-M pmtudisc_option] [-N nodeinfo_option] [-w deadline] [-W timeout] [-p pattern] [-Q tos] [-s packetsize] [-S sndbuf] [-t ttl] [-T timestamp option] [hop …] destination
  8. ls: ls [-1AacCdeFilnpLRrSsTtuvwxXhk] [FILE]…
  9. traceroute: traceroute [-FIldnrv] [-f 1st_ttl] [-m max_ttl] [-p port#] [-q nqueries] [-s src_addr] [-t tos] [-w wait] [-g gateway] [-i iface] [-z pausemsecs] HOST [data size]
  10. grep: grep [-HhrilLnqvsoweFEABCz] PATTERN [FILE]…
  11. gzip: gzip [-123456789cdfhLlNnOqrtVv] [-b bits] [-o filename] [-S suffix] [file …]
  12. netstat: netstat [address_family_options] [–tcp|-t] [–udp|-u] [–raw|-w] [–listening|-l] [–all|-a] [–numeric|-n] [–numeric-hosts][–numeric-ports][–numeric-ports] [–symbolic|-N] [–extend|-e[–extend|-e]] [–timers|-o] [–program|-p] [–verbose|-v] [–continuous|-c] [delay]
  13. wget: wget [-c|–continue] [-s|–spider] [-q|–quiet] [-O|–output-document file] [–header ‘header: value’] [-Y|–proxy on/off] [-P DIR] [-U|–user-agent agent] url
  14. chown: chown [-RhLHPcvf]… OWNER[<.|:>[GROUP]] FILE…
  15. Netcat: nc [-46cDdFhklNnrStUuvz] [-C certfile] [-e name] [-H hash] [-I length] [-i interval] [-K keyfile] [-M ttl] [-m minttl] [-O length] [-o staplefile] [-P proxy_username] [-p source_port] [-R CAfile] [-s source] [-T keyword] [-V rtable] [-w timeout] [-X proxy_protocol] [-x proxy_address[:port]] [destination] [port]
  16. kill: kill [-s signal|-p] [–] pid…
  17. Nohup: nohup COMMAND [ARG]…
  18. ifconfig: ifconfig [-AaC] [interface] [address_family] [address [dest_address]] [parameters]
  19. mount: mount -a [-fFnrsvw] [-t fstype] [-O optlist]
  20. whoami: whoami [OPTION]…

Look here if you are looking for beginners guide to Linux commands.

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Hey thanks to providing resources, I have also found an updated list but I don’t know i can put the resource link in the comment section. Can you please me