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Users of Linux systems have many choices when it comes to web browsers, as there is a wide range that can be installed. You may already have a favorite browser or you may be still deciding which browser is right for you. In this tutorial, we have compiled a list of browsers that are available on Linux, and will show you how to install them on all major Linux distros.

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I use Waterfox, or course you have to download the tar file and install it yourself. Still the lack of telemetry is worth that to me.

There are many web browsers available for Linux, including:

  1. Google Chrome - a popular browser developed by Google
  2. Mozilla Firefox - an open-source browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation
  3. Chromium - an open-source browser that serves as the basis for Google Chrome
  4. Opera - a closed-source browser developed by Opera Software
  5. Vivaldi - a closed-source browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies
  6. Brave - an open-source browser that focuses on privacy and security
  7. Midori - a lightweight, open-source browser
  8. Epiphany (also known as GNOME Web) - an open-source browser that comes pre-installed with many Linux distributions
  9. Konqueror - an open-source browser that is part of the KDE software suite
  10. Falkon (formerly known as QupZilla) - an open-source browser that uses the Qt toolkit