List task as dropdown on a desktop

Is there any way (application) to add tasks in notepad ( like trello we list tasks)and we can get on a desktop (like hangout) with drop down so it’s easy for me as a programmer to plan my day and track the tasks and access quick and fast


Welcome to our forums. I think what your are looking for is a to-do list. What Linux system are you using? I’m sure that there are multiple options to choose from whether we are talking about text based, GUI or web bases todo lists applications. Try run the following command:

$ apt search todo

Furthermore, depending on what Linux distribution you are using, the Ubuntu 18.04 has todo task manager pre-installed in form of the GNOME extension.

Lastly, if you are GNOME user try to search the GNOME repository extensions. For example this todo list might look like what your are describing:


Please note that installing external GNOME extensions is not guaranteed to work. It mat take some extra fiddling to get it working properly.

Hope this helps