Manjaro Linux kernel headers installation -

A Linux kernel is the core of a Linux distribution and consists of three things: the kernel itself, the kernel's headers, and the kernel's extra modules. The kernel headers are used to define device interfaces. For example, they can be used to compile the module that controls your computer's video card and driver.

The main reason you may find yourself needing to install kernel headers is if you are compiling kernel modules and need Linux to access and communicate with hardware as intended. Sometimes device drivers may require you to update the kernel headers on your system to function properly. Other times, there may be compatibility issues with new versions and you'll need to roll back an update. The process for doing this can vary on each distribution, but in this guide we'll be going over the steps specifically for Manjaro Linux. Continue reading to find out how to install kernel headers, check the version of installed kernel headers, and switch between kernel header versions on Manjaro.

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