Mount remote ftp directory host locally into linux filesystem -

Do you often access your ftp site to make some simple changes or your share some documents that you wish to be accessible from anywhere. You can make your access to your ftp resource easier with curlftpfs linux utility. This fantastic utility allows you to mount your ftp site to any directory withing your linux filesystem.
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Fab Kim


I want to do like that, but with sftp.
How can i modifiy this tutorial to adapt him to sftp ?



Steve Johnson -> Fab Kim

You need to add
-o ssl
after the mount point.


Eric Dubé

Adding this to fstab put my laptop in emergency mode… haven’t figured out why yet


Noorquacker Ind. -> Eric Dubé

Comment it out in your fstab, it’s being mounted too early in the boot process and is being mounted before the network has the time to start. Generally it’s not a good idea putting network locations in your fstab, unless it’s really dependable and on your local network, because if it goes out, systemd will panic as it thinks fstab drives are very important and will think that a mount failure will take the system down.


x0ex78/a45 -> Noorquacker Ind.

even with the “bg” flag?


Michael Robert Lawrence -> Noorquacker Ind.

could just add a crontab @ boot give a timer of 120 seconds to get system up etc, then mount in background…


ToyMaker San

Worked for me. I got rid of the .local at the end of the remote ip address.


Daya -chan

Sincerely I tried curlftp and it was awful D:


Jorge Manuel Hernandez

Im having problems with this command, when i mount the ftp server in my pi, the folder is converted to a “inode/x-corrupted type”, can you help me with this?


Krishan Srimal

Worked. Thanks.