mount: special device /dev/mynew_vg/vo101 does not exist

Transfered from Linux Config Disqus comments:

I have done all the steps after that when I reboot the machine so it was not showing.
I ran this commands:
df -h
mount -a
mount: special device /dev/mynew_vg/vo101 does not exist

Please help


Hi Humza,

All what I can tell from your question is that you may simply have a typo problem. “vol01” is not “vo101”. Apart of that, have you tried to run command:

# lvdisplay

this command should list all your LVM partitions. If you can see your partitions then check what is the partition name and try to mount it. Other command which can be also handy is

# pvdisplay

If you still have a problem with your LVM setup please paste here output of both commands.

hope this helps…