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MX Linux has quickly risen in popularity in recent years and is one of the most trending Linux distributions currently. Since most Linux users are very familiar with Ubuntu Linux already, it is common to use it as a base for comparison to other distros like MX Linux. Knowing how these two distributions stack up and compare to each other can lead users to a reliable conclusion about which one would be the best for their preferences and workflow.

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MX-Linux is unusual because it uses a more unix-minded init sys, but can optionally run systemd at the same time. This allow it some tricks for making re-spins with the Anitx tools.
Ubuntu’s software store is cluttered with broken apps and snaps, while MX-Linux prefers appImages and flatpaks. The only issue I have with MX-Linux is that the Debian packages used for wine32 are broken and that means no 32-bit Windows emulation. I didn’t try Ubuntu’s PlayOnLinux, but Linux Mint was fine.

I don’t pay much attention to default desktops because both distro’s come will the usual options there. Canonical has has some history of ignoring users best interest, similar to the mindset at Microsoft, et al- so I try to stay close to Debian and MX-Linux has been nearly perfect.

Thank you for taking the time to write about them. MX-Linux needs more exposure (and that wine32 fixed).