Need help with xrdp in Ubuntu, cannot connect from Windows

I have installed Ubuntu 20.10 on VM, I installed xrdp and enable its service and open the corresponding firewall port, but cannot connect from Windows via RDP app using the IP address.
I tried to get IP from the terminal with command ip addr it gives me but I think there’s something wrong with this IP.
I tried also to put an IP manually and still cannot connect to Ubuntu from Windows.

Please help me to sort this problem out.


I can’t replicate your issue because my host OS is XUbuntu 20.04 instead of Windows and I don’t dual boot (i.e. I don’t use Windows), but you can find the IP of your Ubuntu’s VM by running a shell (terminal) command such as:

hostname -I | awk '{print $1}'


ip route get | awk '{print $7}'

I suggest you install gufw in order to facilitate firewall configuration:

sudo apt install ufw gufw --reinstall -y

…and then run gufw from the Applications menu, or run this in the shell:

sudo gufw &

Good luck.