Need suggestion regarding linux carrier path


I m Amit from India.I have total 8 years of I.T.experience in product based company.

During Initial phase of my carrier,I have work on c++ around 2 years.After that I have work on linux rpm build and packaging,shell scripting
due to company’s demand.I have work in this area around 3 years.

After that I have work in product installer development using shell scripts.

So because of random work I have not gained mastery in too much on linux or c,c++.

Now I m confuse which direction I need to go ahead.I know linux but not master.I have knowledge of linux admin,rpm but not master in single area.
At the same time,I m developer also I mean I have work on product installer developement using scripting languages.
As far as work is concern,I have always delvier work with good quality and on time but when I think about my carrier future,I m very confused now what to do ahead.

Can Some one help me for giving right direction?

Amit P


I think the most important piece of the equation is deciding what you want to do. Fortunately, you have been able to slowly gain this diverse skill set. Therefore, it allows you some flexibility. Do you want to be a administrator? Do you want to be a developer? Once you determine what your passion is, then you can come up with an appropriate game plan on taking your career in that direction. Take the lead yourself instead of allowing someone else to determine which direction you should head in.

Best of luck in your career pursuit,


Yes whatever brent is saying is correct, its on you. you have such great experience in IT now only thing you have to think is what you want ? where you want to grow ? when you will get answers of this questions you will find you career path. :slight_smile: