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If you've been using a window manager(tiling or otherwise), or you're thinking about it, you've probably looked into different options for menu bars. Most window managers either don't come with one, or they're packaged with something that's not all that useful. Polybar is an excellent answer.
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is there a way to change clock configuration of default setting of 24hrs to 12hrs with AM/PM?

Tomsgu -> GC

See https://github.com/jaagr/polybar/issues/557#issuecomment-298045108


I have this polybar but i dont know how integrates with xfce-panel inside…


Is there a Polybar script for MOC? If there is, where would I place it in the Polybar config? I have Manjaro i3 on my laptop. Thanks!


How do I get a bar like that? Mine does not appear anything … I only managed to make the date appear !!



Not a single screenshot???


Thanks for sharing, I just stumbled upon polybar today and in searching for more info, came across your post. I appreciate the help you provided. I’m going to give ploybar this eveninga try to add even more bling to my Manjaro Deepin desktop - LOL. This post will give me a great head start. Actually, I was playing around with the MATE desktop and the BRISK menu, and liked it so polybar is going to work nicely.