Post-installation troubles


First of all, thanks for making Doudoulinux! My daughter will love it, provided I get it to work :slight_smile:

Currently I have three problems:

  1. Screen is not recognised. It has a native resolution of 1366x768, but Doudou insists on 640x480. Editing the xorg.conf and adding a display mode has no effect (no extra options appeared in the Monitor screen).
  2. The keyboard layout is wrong. Currently it’s at the default “nl,fr,de”, but when I change that to “us,nl,fr,de” the command-key, alt-key and control-key stop working. I hope I’m still able to access a terminal to revert this…
  3. When activating persistency, it announced it had 14Mb to spare. Which is odd, considering it’s a 60Gb HDD.

Thanks for any help!


A Ubuntu install does detect everything correctly, which is too bad because I really like Doudou, being translated and having a better range of applications. I used X -configure to see what it had found, and wrote it down to use in Doudou. Problem is now that I can’t get into the terminal anymore, since both command+T and ctrl+alt+F1 don’t work anymore, and starting from the liveCD apparently still uses the settings on the HDD… :frowning:

Is there another way to start a terminal?


First note that if your hardware is very recent and if you are using the version Gondwana, it is not surprising that DoudouLinux doesn’t handle everything correctly. This version is based on Debian Squeeze which was out about 3 years ago now… I’d suggest to try our development version that is based on Squeeze and is then very stable (and now quite well translated).

That said, you can also send us a hardware issue report to let us see what could cause difficulties in your hardware configuration. Unfortunately, our project management tool is offline and I can’t get it start again. It is then impossible to open tickets anymore during an unknown period (but you can attach reports here). Concerning the persistence tool, it seems there may have failures but the reasons are not well known since we haven’t problematic hardware to test with. Also note that if you want to change the keyboard layout, you should probably use the default Debian tools to be sure of the options to put into xorg.conf. If my memories are good, this should be the command “dpkg-reconfigure console-setup”. To get the default configuration back, you just have to remove the xorg.conf file you have modified, from within another Linux. If you still have the graphical DoudouLinux environment, the console icon is located in work -> utilities, you should also be able to launch it by its name (lxterminal) after pressing Alt+F2.

Thanks, I worked around it by starting non-persistent, then deleting the persistent files. It’s a quite old laptop (ca 8yrs), it doesn’t even boot from USB.
Manually partitioned the drive, strange that “persistence-gui” did not recognise the ext2 partition as valid… Oh well, it does run after running doudou-installer, which now gives me a whopping 400Mb of space instead of 14, so the partitioning helped some, at least. It also still quits with "ValueError: unsupported format character ‘)’ (0x29) at index 126, stacktrace line numbers from bottom-to-top: 885, 1079, 980, 1140, all in persistence-gui.

Reboot and then… I do get the choice-splash screen, after that a filesystem panic. I’m done for this night, tomorrow I’ll retry :slight_smile:

Eventually gave up and went for edubuntu instead…

There are some cases of failure with the detection of partitions but we still can’t tell what is the cause. If you post some error messages and a hardware issue report, this may give more information about what your issue really is.