Probably a very stupid question

While I’m xferring passwords from my desktop computer ( Windows 7 ) I keep the laptop ( Dell Latitude
withUbuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine ) close…just makes it easier to input data. While the laptop is idle, and I’m working on the desktop, the speakers on the laptop make noise, that coincide with keystrokes from the desktop. Is this some type of feedback? I don’t have external speakers on the desktop, but have a cheap dollar store pair on the laptop. It’s no major thing, I’m just curious.

Thank You

Maybe the microphone is turned on on your laptop? That would make sense.

It could be some sort of electric interference also, but that’s not my field at all, so that’s just a guess.

Thanks, I’m thinking the same thing, I can deal with it…it’s just annoying.