Protected file



I would like to delete one specific file, but I don’t have the right to do it. It says: “Access denied to…”. Could you let me know if there is some way how to do it?

Thank you!



Dear forumic,

Can you please explain a bit in details about your scenario ?




Dear Bnhashmi,

I bought my computer with Linux Debian installed. There is one file I would like to get rid of it but I can not…

That is all :wink:




Hi forumlc,

please open up a terminal and execute ls command as follows:

ls -l <path and filename of the file you are unable to remove>



$ ls -l myfile
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 468279296 Apr 14 14:50 myfile


this file is owned by root ( administrator ).
Login as root:

$ su
< enter password>

Locate this myfile file and remove with rm command

# rm myfile

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