Recover data after adding a dual-boot


I was using Elementary, and an on-line wallet (Jaxx) to explore cryptocoins. While using Elementary I deposited most of my BitCoins into Jaxx. Then I decided to add Ubuntu 18 as a dual-boot. But something went south, and I ended up with only U 18, and seemingly no access to Elementary. And no access to my Jaxx wallet.
2 important facts here: 1) I did not back up my Jaxx data, thinking it was all in the cloud; 2) I don’t know diddly about Linux’ use of partitions.
Now in U8 I can log into Jaxx, but it shows that my accounts are all zero. Obviously my data was all kept on my hard disk within Elementary.
While googling this disaster I found reference to an app named “TestDisk”, but the info was dated to years ago, and I didn’t really understand it, anyway.
in short: Can any of you gurus help me to solve my problem? I’m hoping the Elementary data is still on my hard disk.


Hi Tomm,

The Jaxx home page features says that sensitive information regarding the wallet like your private key is indeed stored on your device, so if that’s wiped, it is bad news.

Let’s gather some information on the state of your disk(s) first.

  1. Please describe the process you followed to create the dual-boot setup. There may be some hope that your original data is still available on disk.

  2. Please post some data about your partitions. Let’s start with the output of the following:

fdisk -l

Which shows us the disks and partitions.
And also the output of:


And finally:

df -h

So we can see what volumes can be seen, and how they build up.