Replace a live debian with a live centos?



Just wondering if it is possible to have a script that would change a running Debian installation into a running centos installation?

My reason for this is to have a blank bare bones centos working on which to then install NethServer. Machine that I intend to use for this purpose only seems to be able to have Debian installed onto it -pcDuino v2.

Many thanks for your time and advice, River Mersey


Hi Mersey,

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I would advise installing a clean, minimal CentOS for the ARMv7 processor you have in the device, and from there follow the install guide provided by NethServer by adding their repository, and install with yum.

Trying to transform the running system somehow is a huge overhead leading most likely to a bricked system.


Many thanks for your research and advice.

Yes, I’ve tried to get this thing to install a new centos in the same way as the manuals describe reburning the Debian os onto the NAND. Yes, the process works when replacing or updating Debian, however, it doesn’t seem to recognise Centos (or any rh derivatives) as a viable replacement to Debian!


Hi Mersley,

I’ve checked the page for CentOS ARM releases, and sadly haven’t seen your device in the supported platforms, this may be why the device does not pick up the image presented. Some configuration steps pointed you have to add the exact product, so if the device isn’t supported, this may mean that CentOS will not run on it, at least for now.

Maybe asking the CentOS ARM guys about adding the device support worth trying.