I was wondering whether is possible to install ‘Scratch’ in doudoulinux.

I made a few attempts to install it, with doudou linux installed under virtualbox, for testing.

I downloaded the deb files for scratch and squak-vm, for debian squeeze. When I try to install these it gives dependency error.

I attempted an update of the doudou linux (debian lenny) to debian squeeze by changing the repository location to the official debian squeeze. When I run apt-get update and upgrade it fails. I then try to resolve the problems and upgrade again. At some point there are errors again and the computer fails to restart to doudou linux as before. I understand now that this method is probably not recommended, because the doudou linux has its own costumised packages.

I was wondering if there is a way to install mit’s scratch onto doudou linux. Can you recommend a way to achieve this?

Perhaps the only way is to compile the source code of the scratch and squeak-vm.

Are you thinking about including scratch in the next doudou version?

Thank you / Merci


Sorry, I was busy with InterTice 2013 and our future new installer :).

I think you should rather use our development version of DoudouLinux which is based on Squeeze and running very well although translations may not be perfect yet. If you change Lenny for Squeeze in DoudouLinux 1.x Gondwana, you will finally end up with our development version, supposing you succeed in doing the full upgrade, son no need loosing time in my opinion.

Currently we are not planning to put Scratch into DoudouLinux. Although its license seems to be now a free software license, there is a condition that we dislike: you can keep the name « Scratch » only if you don’t change the URL used to share user’s work online (it is pointing to the Scratch server of course!). We see no valid reason for this restriction but the will to keep kind of control on what people do with Scratch. We’d prefer this setting to be a simple parameter of the application. Schools may want to setup their own server for example.