Set Chrome to run automatically at startup!

I am new to Linux and just got new raspberry Pi 3 B+ running Ubuntu desktop 18.04 LTS.

I wish to run the Web Browser (Chrome) at full page at the startup! (Auto Startup).

I tried some different methods found on internet but didn’t work :frowning:

The idea is to install the Raspberry on Kiosk System!

I truly Appreciate your help.


Hi Zayed,

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On Ubuntu, the easiest way to set an application - in this case Chrome - to start after boot is with the Gnome tweak tool.

Simply install the package, start it, and on the left side search for “Startup applications”. You can add an application to start with the “+” button, and it will start on next boot.

Note that this is not a “kiosk” in the sense that you (or anyone access to the touchscreen) can simply close the browser, and/or access to any other part of the GUI, like you would do sitting next to a desktop, while on kiosks you are usually restricted to one application only.

I hope this will help,

Thank you Sandmann for your quick response!

I made a mistake! It turned out I am useing Raspbian on that unit! Not Ubuntu as I thought! (I have 3 Raspberry with different Linux distributors for test purposes! )

Do you think I can still use or look for that application (Gnome tweak tool) On Raspbian (Raspberry +Debian)!?

I appreciate your kind support

In that case you most likely running LXDE as display manager, Raspbian’s default.

You’ll need to edit a configuration file (create it if it does not exist) in your home directory:

vi ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart

And put Chrome into it to start up on graphical session:


This should cause the browser to start up automatically.