"Text Editor" in Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME Desktop


I’ve been taking/making notes in Ubuntu’s “Text Editor”.
Can anyone tell me how to recover those notes so that I can transfer all of them to a different computer?
As usual - thank you very much for all the attention you’ve already devoted to my puerile issues.
Tom Markham


Hi Tomm,

It would be for us only a guess work to find out where you have saved your documents. It appears that the default save directory by the text editor is your home directory. So this would be my first guess where your files are. Try to open terminal and enter:

$ cd ~/
$ ls

then look if you see familiar file names.

Next, what you can try is to start text editor and hit open button. Example:

From the above you can see two things:

  1. Untitled Document 1 is a name of the file
  2. /home/linuxconfig is a path to a directory where the files are stored

Lastly, if still in doubt create a new document and save it as tomm. Then open terminal and enter:

$ find ~/ -name tomm -type f

This will show you exact location of the file. ( given that you saved it somewhere within your home directory ) otherwise run:

$ find / -name tomm -type f

Once you have the files compress them and move anywhere you like. Alternatively, use GUI to do the compression job:

Hope this helps



Thank you! It worked perfectly.