Ubuntu 20.04.3 turn off problem

I have a dell laptop with amd’s processor. I installed ubuntu 20.04.3 version but i have a problem (different from the other topic)…When i try to turn off the laptop, the screen turns off after the shuttdown but the fans keep working for ever…I have tried the method below:
opening terminal , then
type sudo gedit /etc/default/grub/
and just change the file attribute to acpi = force and
save it .
then update the grub by
sudo update-grub
Do you have any other suggestions?

Have you tried what’s described here?

Also, if it’s not installed yet, install laptop-mode-tools:

sudo apt install laptop-mode-tools -y

If your laptop stays on the mattress or any other surface that blocks the hot air from coming out of your laptop (through its air outlets), buy a laptop cooling base/pad with external fans and use your laptop on it.

These are the actions that I would take to try to either solve or work around this issue.