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I followed the instructions and I am stuck on XDRP login screen.
It says:

Connecting to sesman IP port 3350
sesman connect ok
sending login info to session manager, please wait
login failed for display 0

I am confident that I entered my correct credentials.

Please advice.

I think you have the wrong port in the tutorial port 3389 is used. I guess you have to correct that in your Remote Desktop Connection settings.
Since I am using a Xubuntu client with Remina to establish the remote connection I can’t help you there.

This worked perfectly for me!

Hi all, thanks for the guidance - Linux newbie here. I got as far as Step 6 and was greeted by Windows RDP with - “RD can’t connect to the remote for either 1) Remote access to server not enabled, 2) Remote computer turned off, or 3) Remote computer not on network. Make sure of 2 and 3 and remote access is enabled.” I have no idea whether or how Remote Acces is enabled on my Zorin (Ubuntu?) system.
Any suggestions? TIA

Hi GeoffWhere,

Welcome to our forums.

I would suggest testing the remote machine’s port you are trying to connect to. With this step you can ensure that you reach the remote machine on the network, and it is listening on the port you try to connect to. I would do something like:

telnet <remore-machine-name-or-IP-address> 3389

Where 3389 is the default TCP port for RDP session, and it is the one you opened at step 3.

Dear Sandmann, thank you for stepping in, much appreciated.
Here’s what I did:
Open terminal
user@system_name:-$ telnet 192.168.xxx.xxx 3389
Trying 192.168.XXX.XXX …
Connected to 192.168.XX.XXX.
Escape character is ‘^]’

No further response - where do i go from here?

As you may be able to determine from my request and from the above, I’m quite at sea here and have no idea what I’m doing with regard to this. What i find most puzzling is that Windows Fiile Manager shows the Zorin machine as a network share but I cant view the files in the share folder.

In another vein, I have 2 HDDs installed, one is system drive (sdb) the other is the HDD I want to use as my share storage (sdb1), apparently owned by root. How do I allocate that drive to my user ownership, or is that unnecessary?

You should run this telnet command from the machine you would like to reach the remote session from - I assume that’s the Windows machine, not the Zorin one.

About your other question, there is something amiss here. Your primary HDD drive may be sdb, but the other one can’t be sdb1, because sdb1 stands for the first partition of the sdb drive. Apart from that, you really don’t need to change a drive’s (device’s) permissions - to use the space on it as a normal user, you need to create a filesystem on it (if there is not one on it already), mount the filesystem, and give permissions within the filesystem to your normal user - on directories, files, whatever it needs to access.