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WordPress has remained one of the best and easiest ways to get a sleek site up and running ever since its inception in 2003. As a matter of fact, current trends only show its popularity continuing to increase. WordPress is simple to use, and even hosting it yourself isn't that hard, as we'll prove to you in this article.

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i got error at step 4 while running this code
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON wordpress_db.* to wordpress_user@‘localhost’;
ERROR 1133 (28000): Can’t find any matching row in the user table

this can be fixed by running following code
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON wordpress_db.* to wordpress_user@'localhost’identified by ‘password’;

Thanks for the guide. I was able to get wordpress up on my ubuntu server, however i’m still unable to enable SSL after following the guide.

Any idea?

I`m in the same boat, the SSL part at the end is not working for me either

Hi Eewing_To, and Immunity_Armour,

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Any error messages that you can share with us, that will take us closer to your issues?

There is a typo in Step 5 - needs to be “sudo systemctl reload apache2”
It fails to reload due to not having the 2 at the end.

I have gotten to the point of running the WP admin but it fails. Everything else worked as per your tutorial. Its telling me it refused to connect. Any thoughts?

Hi Steven_Petrillo,

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Check your webserver’s log files in /var/log/apache2. There should be a file called error_log, which may provide some insight on what the issue is.

For me, it failed until I figured out that not using the underscore “_” in any of the instructions worked.

Thank you so much .
I had no idea how to install wordpress in ubuntu before seeing this lovely solution.
Have a nice day. luv ya