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No one wants a system that doesn't boot. It's about as bad and frustrating as any technical problem gets, and more often than not, it feels like the system is totally shot. Fear not, though, Ubuntu has a couple of convenient ways to help repair your computer and get things back to normal.

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Recently, I installed Ubuntu MATE 18.10 on my Mac Mini late 2014. Boot speed was very slow. Resetting the PRAM was a suggested fix, which made the boot times normal. But, I can no longer boot to Ubuntu Mate!
This article says boot-repair is on the install USB, but, typing: boot-repair on the command line gives: “command not found” error.
I know, the article was about v18.04, but really, it’s gone already?


Hi GilliganLC,

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Did you performed adding the PPA step in the guide? The article indeed says you have to install it on the live system before using it, it’s not available by default.

In “The easy way” section", it is stated: “There’s a utility that you can run from an Ubuntu live CD/USB that automatically repairs your system.”

The “run from” says to me, it’s already on the USB, you just have to run it. There is no indication, in that section, that I have to load it first, then run it.

I assumed that the install instructions were for other distributions that did not have boot-repair on their live CD/USB.

In any event, I did the PPA instructions and my booting was restored to the way it was just after I installed Ubuntu Mate 18.10.

Thank you!

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
boot-repair : Depends: boot-sav but it is not going to be installed

Hi Peacecop_kalmer_piis,

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Assuming this error message is from the running live session? If so, did you enable PPA after booting into it?

Yes, live session. Of course, I did enable PPA as otherwise, the system couldn’t have found boot-repair at all.

What does it say to a direct

# apt-get install -f boot-sav


E: Unable to locate package boot-sav

Hi again,

Sorry for the late reply. The boot-sav package is in the repository the article mentions to this date, so your issue could be that you can’t reach the repository, or your install session does not access the right content.

To test it I added the same repository, and got a line in my installation sources that point to it:

# grep ppa /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/yannubuntu/boot-repair/ubuntu bionic main

Do you have that as well?

Is it possible to use these steps for an encrypted drive ?


I was updating from Ubuntu 19.10 to 20.04 when my screen blanked and required me to turn off my pc. Upon restarting, most files were corrupted and I could not even reach recovery mode, so I am assuming grub was trashed. This fixed everything with no files lost. I have never actually encountered a method of repair that actually works before now. Much thanks.