Ubuntu on Lenovo M93P Type 10 AB I5 16GB RAM

I want to build a server on this machine. I’m new with this and must decide HowTo

I’m now on Win 10 prof with docker to test some Apps. (But not very successful)

What I’m sure to use is Nextcloud, grocy, and some Project management tool. Open project, or orangescrum, or (do you also have suggestions?)

Not sure if its better to run the apps productive in Docker on win or better install Ubuntu desktop on the machine and an apache? & Webmin. Or install Ubuntu server and install a GUI In any case I will need also a GUI to manage docker and Ubuntu server as I’m totally new with SSH and command line.

What do You Think is the best solution for a Newbie?

Hi Witzker,

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If you are new to ssh and the command line, I’d suggest you install an Ubuntu Desktop to start with. You can always stop the graphical part if you don’t need it anymore. From there you can explore your newly installed system with ease. You can also install Webmin to the same system and check how you like it, and more importantly check if you have all the tools you need that you would have with the GUI.