Uninstall nouveau says purge xserver-xorg

nouveau can be removed and install NVidia by:

sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau && sudo apt-get install nvidia-current.
But when I look this up, it looks like it totally removes XFCE desktop. If it does, how hard is it to add back?
My GPU install says nouveau driver failed and I’ve tried for days to get it to work. I will try Nvidia drivers now.

What Linux distribution are you using?

Debian 10 non-free. I’ve given up on nouveau and am trying proprietary Nvidia now. One site said to delete my kernel and I did. My WiFi adapter immediately stopped working. Do you know if I should wait to reinstall it after I do the Nvidia stuff. Internet works somewhat by tethering one smartphone. Not sure if it is strong enough signal to download drivers. Will try in an hour or so.