Virtualizing Linux


Software needed

  1. Oracle Virtual Box (used to lay the platform down for the virtual machine)

Install this and then download your preferred linux flavor, in this case I will be using

  1. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

and downloading 12.04 LTS

Installing Oracle VB and running the VM

After Downloading the Virtual Box you will need to install it, after completion,

  1. Click New
  2. Name it; Called it Ubuntu
  3. Select Linux from “Type”
  4. Select your version of linux; in my case Ubuntu


Allocate memory; this depends on your usage and how much RAM you have; in my case I have 8GB so I allocated 2GB


For hard-drive I selected “Create Virtual Hard drive” and selected “VDI” and selected “Dynamically allocated” which increases as you fill it up but will not decrease when you free it up

Then select where you want to save the VDI and allocate it the maximum size (I selected 8GB and selected desktop as the location of where I wanted to the Virtual Image saved)

Final Step

When you click start it will ask you for the virtual disc, select the ubuntu ISO and your ready to go!

Work In Progress Post but feel free to ask questions !

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