Watch Netflix connect to TV

I run Ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop. Can log into Netflix with my password and watch movies.
If I connect my TV to the laptop using a HDMI cable only the laptop screen display. I have enabled DRM in Firefox. What else is missing.

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After connecting on HDMI and seeing your laptop screen on television display, you don’t see the running applications and mouse pointer on it, only the background?

Still cannot connect to TV with HDMI cable. I have opened YouTube and have that running and then insert HDMI cable. Only my laptop screen image pops up in TV. If I right click on laptop screen and click on display from settings a popup display appears on TV screen. However I cannot access it to make any selection.

If I understand correctly you can see the laptop screen on the TV while connected via HDMI. This means you have a multi-monitor system now. What you need to do next is to drag the YouTube window ( the browser ) either left or right to the TV screen, make it full-screen and keep watching.

Thank you for your feedback. Drag & Drop does not work, however, depending on order of connection you can get mouse pointer on TV screen, when right click on mouse brings up the Settings and going to Display brings up detail screen where the option to select “Mirror” is available. Problem solved.
In trying to solve the problem, I looked at YouTube and must have changed or added something (FireFox ??) now I cannot play NetFlix on laptop, Error Message F7701-1003, FireFox possibly not up to date. Any ideas?.

Try resetting your Firefox to factory defaults, and see if that solves your issue. Make a backup of your settings, bookmarks, etc. before doing so.

Thanks for feedback. Did a re-install of Firefox. Everything working fine now.

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