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Watching Netflix on Ubuntu is a simple task. However, simple preparation is required in order to watch Netflix using Firefox browser on Ubuntu 18.04.

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You shouldn’t need to reboot or logout and log back in on 18.04. A restart of Firefox should do the trick.


So, did a new build of 18.04 on a Firefly board, and got Firefox loaded and working but it is version 63 and there is no Digital Rights Management option under preferences as this forum and all others suggest. Granted, those have all been for older versions of Firefox. Anyone with a different system able to duplicate?



I’m not sure how this would be helpful for you, but the default stock version of Firefox shipped with Ubuntu 18.04 does have Digital Rights Management option under preferences even for Firefox version 63.



Wow!! thank you! saved my life! :grinning::joy:

it was very simple:

-I started doing the drm setup from the browser
-Then i went on the file of firefox (Other position / computer / snap / firefox / 152)
-right button of mouse open tlix here
-press sudo -i
-sudo apt install libavcodec-extra
-followed the procedure (just press y and myaby insert the psw)
and restart the pc


This also works for Hulu, although I don’t think you can watch HD videos.