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Anyone with a basic knowledge of computer networking knows that for two hosts to communicate on the same network using TCP/IP model, both hosts need to have a unique IP address. There are two ways on how any given host on your network can obtain an IP address.
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Hello, i am trying to connect cmts with my server, i installed dhcp server 3 but it showing me no free released

One thing to be aware of is dhcpcd on debian based distros (RaspberrypiOS and Ubuntu) implements (correctly) RFC3442.

IF your DHCP server serves additional routes to such a thing, the default route is NOT set correctly, but the extra routes are. Much gnashing of teeth will happen when you attempt to track down why. I spent 12 hours one night doing so.

I did manage to make my ISC dhcpd properly serve the routes to dhcpcd… But Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and every smartplug in my house broke.

Either don’t have additional routes served by ISC dhcpd or do away with dhcpcd and swap in the ISC version.