Where can i look to get SSL certificate for https?

English is not my first language, please forgive me if i make mistakes.
Also I’ve gone back to studying in the field of IT and i m specializing in servers, networking and of course Linux.

I’ve been setting up apache and nginx servers for hosting websites or as reverse proxy in front of other apps, for example a seafile server. My apache/nginx servers do not have SSL certificates for https so I get the ugly message saying that my server is insecure. I can always use the option to click and say that i trust the site, but it is a waste of time and it is ugly work.

Can someone give me advice to find a way to get a certification without having to pay as for now this is just for studying purposes?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Hi Marc,

Use Let’s Encrypt to get Free SSL/TLS Certificates for your apache and nginx servers. No need to spent a single cent and its extremely easy.


Thank you Lubos.

I’m taking a look at this right now.


A good place to look is cloudflare. You can get ssl services on top of other things