Application / Service for company password sharing and syncing


Can anyone recommend a good way to share passwords between multiple users within same company? I understand that the best way is to remember it but that does not help with syncing and when updating passwords. What is the best and easiest way to share password via intranet where posting passwords to third-party websites on the Internet is out of the question?!?

Anyone here with some experience in regards to this topic and willing to share?

thank you


You mean something like OpenLDAP?


Can you please be more specific and point me to some direction. I do not know much about OpenLDAP and its capabilities. I need some central point where are can update passwords so passwords will be always in sync. thank you…

#4 This should be good for starters.

#5 This should be good for starters.

I meant more like guide in regards to sharing passwords with LDAP. I cannot find anything on the internet specifically describing this topic.

#6 LDAP stands for lightweight directory access protocol and it allows, among other things, creating a centralized database of users, passwords and access rights so life on a biggish network should be simplified.

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