Bash Scripting Tutorial for Beginners -

Most likely, your are at the moment sitting in front of your computer, have a terminal window opened and wondering: "What should I do with this thing?" Well, the terminal window in front of you contains shell, and shell allows you by use of commands to interact with your computer, hence retrieve or store data, process information and various other simple or even extremely complex tasks.
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  1. Htet Htet Htun9 days ago

Excellent tutorial.thanks a lot

  1. Billy Bobthornton • a month ago

Excellent tutorial.

For a guy who knows about about scripting you have done me the world of good.

Thanks so much. God Bless.

  1. trilogy10002 months ago

I agree with the previous comments, very well written and explained.
If you are looking to expand it, could I suggest working through file handling - copying, moving, naming, renaming, removing/extracting file extensions etc.
We have a very heavily scripted workflow here using Applescript and it’s virtually all to do with file handling. I’d love to have a go at rewriting some of it into shell scripts.

  1. gary5 months ago

I can’t get over how well you presented bash scripting to new users. Simply a remarkable write-up! You started off at the foundations of the CLI and built up to more advanced concepts very comfortably. I’ve tried to do the same for some users IRL but I’m just going to share this instead:)

  1. Avi gary3 months ago

I join Gary. Excellent tutorial. Thanks a lot!


Thank you for an incredibly motivating feedback. I had a pleasure to teach Bash Scripting to beginner students at the local university for more than six years. Perhaps this gave me a little bit of insight on how to present the material and avoid hurdles at the same time.

Writing tutorials for beginners is much harder than writing advanced topic tutorials for advanced users. That much is clear. In any case, I still consider the work on this tutorial as “ongoing” thus as version 1.0.0. I will wait for any other additional feedback from readers, and if needed, I will update it accordingly.


Please forgive the guide. In the link below, I will download the tutorial video


Thank you very much for the stuff. this is the best tutorial for bash which i found in internet. I read it for 3 days carefully while working in office also bookmarked the site. (Isuru From SRI LANKA)


Absolutely amazing tutorial, thanks for your dedication and I like the exercise part it’s quite motivational.


I just got a job and my superior wanted me to learn Bash Scripting. i have never done this type of work before but this tutorial was extremely helpful and clear and my superior is impressed with what i learned. Thank you!