Can't use Linux terminal as I can’t enter my password


Just installed U 18.04, and have a BIG problem while trying to use the terminal. Here’s what happens:
1- I open the terminal with Ctl-Alt-T. so far so good.
2- I enter a command, for example, “sudo update”, and hit Enter.
3- The next line reads: [sudo] password for tom: But I can’t enter my password, or anything else.
When I try to enter numbers from either the top of the keyboard, or from the number pad (I’m using a corded Microsoft keyboard, which worked perfectly with my usage of the Elementary terminal) nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you very much in advance.


Hi Tomm,

Welcome to our forums.

If I understand your question correctly then this is a common misunderstanding among new Linux users and terminal usage. When typing a password into a terminal you cannot see the characters however you are still entering them. So simply keep typing your password and once ready press enter.

The password characters are hidden deliberately when you are typing them into the terminal. Imagine that someone is sitting next to you and watching. This way you do not reveal your password as well as you do not reveal any information such as from how many characters your password consists from.

If unsure what you are typing, simply type your password elsewhere where you can see it and then copy and paste ( right click and select paste ) it into the terminal.

Hope this helps



Thank you very much - especially for the promptness.


No worries! Glad to help. Let us know if you need further assistance.



“…if you need more assistance”. are you kidding? I’m still a rank noob to Linux.