Creating a desktop launcher for Wine application

I have a script that I run to load my text editor (NoteTab Pro) which runs under Wine. Here is the script:

wine "/home/lee/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NoteTabPro7/NotePro.exe" "z:$(echo $1)" # | tr '/' '\\')"

To be honest, I have no idea what the second portion does but I know w/o it I can’t open a file in the program by right-clicking on it. However, using the second portion always produces the error, "Cannot open 'z:' because it's a folder". “z” is the virtual drive used by Wine. Pressing [ENTER] closes the error box and loads the program.

I need to either figure out the best way to write this script (I need to be able to open files with right-click) or add a carriage return to take care of the error message. Any ideas?

Hi LeeU,

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The last part expects you to supply extra parameter althout the first pipe is commented which suppose to convert GNU/Linux slash “/” to windows “” . Perhaps this was meant to to open file directly etc.

Have you simply tried to change this script to:

wine "/home/lee/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NoteTabPro7/NotePro.exe"

Also make sure that the path to
/home/lee/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NoteTabPro7/NotePro.exe
is correct.

Thanks. Good to be here.

Actually, the “#” is my fault. It should have been removed. I had copied it from ‘somewhere’.

And yes, this does work:

wine "/home/lee/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/NoteTabPro7/NotePro.exe"

However, I can’t right click on a file in a file manager and open it. The link to “Open In NoteTab Pro” is there but it does nothing. The weird thing is that w/o the second part, or a portion of it, the right-click doesn’t work. ???

You will need to create a new desktop launcher/shortcut.

Currently your only have a script which you can run from the command line. Depending on what GUI desktop the process of creating a launcher may be different. For example this is how to create desktop shortcut launcher on Ubuntu with GNOME desktop.

I already have a desktop launcher. It runs the shell script above.

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