Creating USB key from Ubuntu Saucy Salamander (13.10)


I’m trying to create a USB key of Doudou Linux 2.1.

Unfortunately the liveusb-write tool depends on the hal package. The hal package is no longer part of Ubuntu, so I can’t install the liveusb-write deb file, and downloading the python script and running it directly also fails.

Is there a solution to this that does not involve regressing to an older version of Ubuntu?


For real beginners, like myself, I’ve posted this

You could just download DDlinux- burn to CD as ISO - then run live and use the LiveUSB within DDLinux itself to make the live usb.

Line 6: open Live USB Write …Whole DouDouLinux/Tune/System…

Or use UNetbootin as detailed in the post for the initial start.