Debian and Mac OSX compatible file system


I’d like to set up an external hard drive that is both accessible for Mac OSX and Debian. Does anyone have a recommendation which file system to use?



Linux generally does not have problem to read any file system and this includes native file system developed by Apple HFS or HFS+ . Therefore, feel free to use this filesystem with both Linux and Mac OSX.

To format your hard drive on debian first install “hfsprogs” package as root with:

apt-get install hfsprogs

make sure that your partition is of HFS / HFS+ which is fylesystem type: AF . To do this use cfdisk. Once ready simply format your drive with:

mkfs.hfsplus /dev/sXXX

where /dev/sXXX is a block device of your hard drive’s partition.

If you need more help please plug-in your USB drive and paste here an output of

fdisk -l 

command. All commands above are run as root user.