Dual Monitor Random Resolution Downgrade

Hi Folks,

I have an old Dell Optiplex 9010 machine running Ubuntu 18 with Dash to Dock installed so the taskbar runs like Windows. It has two display ports and one VGA port. I recently added a second screen. Both screens are the same make and model HP Compaq LA2206x. At first I tried plugging them both into the display ports, got the problem so started through all the combinations of VGA and display port for primary and secondary and I get the problem no matter the configuration. I’ve opted to stick with VGA for the primary screen as it gives a clearer image and the lower display port for the secondary. This has given me the fewest problems but that could just be luck.

The problem that keeps coming up no matter what way I plug them in…
I’ll be working fine but then if I turn one of the monitors off or the machine cycles into a low power mode and switches the monitors off, one of the monitors gets downgraded from “1920x1080” to “1280x1024” and the settings for primary display and their orientation gets messed up. What’s worse is that once this happens, it is no longer possible to fix it through the settings app as the higher resolution is no longer available.
It also happens randomly upon startup.

The problem is infuriating to say the least.

Is there a way to stabilise this? Or perhaps a workaround that would allow me to force the resolution?

Your help would be much appreciated.