Dynamic PDFs on Linux

Hi everybody,
I would like to get help with some docs that I have to work with.
These docs are dynamic PDFs that I have to feel up, but I have found nothing in the Linux world that replaces the UNIQUE accepted app, Acrobat Reader (it has to be Acrobat Reader because there are some Java codes that do form validation and the form will not open anywhere else).
I have tried Wine, but it keeps crashing every time I try to open these forms.
I have created a KVM with Windows (18GB + 5 Cores), but every time I open my VM my CPU behaves like it is going to burn (so noisy) - my PC has 8 cores and I have reduced the number of Cores, but nothing changes.
Does someone know any other app that can replace Acrobat Reader in the above situation?
I have Ubuntu 22:04 with 44 GB RAM and 8 Cores CPU.

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Mozilla Firefox and Master PDF Editor (commercial) are your best shots.