How can I Multiboot linux in external harddisk with windows

i have a1 tb seagate back up and drive with windows to go partition which takes up about 27 gb space. I want to have common efi partition(with windows to go), common swap and home for all the linux distros. I want this for linux mint and ubuntu

Hi Liam.nillson,

You’ll have to shrink your Windows partition to free up enough space for both distros. Then create a live Ubuntu USB and boot from it, and install Ubuntu to the free space on your disk. You’ll have to create separate partitions in the installer for swap and home for the next step. You can create a Linux Mint live USB too to get the last operating system installed, selecting the existing swap and home partitions to use, but there is a good chance that the two operating systems will mess up your home’s contents, especially if you run them in graphical mode, so I would not recommend that.

If you give it a go, be careful not to install on the Windows partition, or you’ll wipe your original installation. Also, create a backup before doing anything.

thanks bruv. Figured it out