How can I Setup a Realtime Clone to Second Drive

I am using Ubuntu Cinnamon 22.04.2.
My PC is Quite Capable — ASUS MiniPC , 32gb Ram,i7 CPU, Main Drive 970Pro 250gb M.2, Second Drive 250gb SSD 2.5".
I am Not Dual Booting or Using Windows on this PC, I am just using Ubuntu.
I would like to have some type of Imaging/Backup Application that could Run in Realtime and Maintain a Full Bootable Copy of The Operating System, to the Second Drive , Automatically.
So as in the event of a System Failure , I could Simply ReBoot and Select the Backup Drive to Run From.
In Windows Macrium Reflect did a Good Job, but it does not run on Linux.

I’m under the impression that what you want is to make the 2nd drive work as a real-time mirror of the 1st one. If this is indeed the case, then it’s recommended that you set RAID up.

As much as RAID is great as a mirroring tool, it’s not recommended as a backup tool. If you want a full backup instead of a mirror, then Timeshift and Clonezilla are good options.