How do i install from a "" file?


I have just down loaded a file from bitdefender:

I’ve tried to get synaptic to read it (file>add downloaded packages) - i couldn’t ‘find’ it …

Please, what do i do with it?

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Hi Marvin,

In this case simply open a terminal and run the following command from the directory where the actual file is located:

$ sudo bash 
[sudo] password for username: 

Scroll down License Agreement with SPACE BAR and type “accept” and ENTER to begin the installation. Depending on your installation you may also want to install graphical user interface:

Do you want to install BitDefender Antivirus Scanner GUI package ? (Y/n) y

After successful installation you will see message:

BitDefender Antivirus Scanner successfully installed!

If not and instead you see some error copy and paste it here so I can provide you with additional help…


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