How to configure Mysql Server In Ubuntu server and access over the internet

Hi, I am new to ubuntu server and would like to seek for a help on how to configure database (mysql server) to access over the internet.

In another word would like to host own database and access from my work site. I have research some tutorials but it focus more on localhost setting or LAN.

Hope someone able to help.


Hi Jimkoo,

Welcome to our forums.

From the database perspective, opening it up for access over LAN is the same as accessing it from anywhere, including the Internet. If you have a server at home for example, and you would like to reach it from work, all you have to do is setup the database to be accessible on your home LAN. To access your home LAN from work is a network setting, not related to the database configuration, that’s why you will not find any howto about it in any database tutorials.

Let me just point out that allowing direct access to the database from the Internet is a very, very bad idea, you’ll have your database cracked in no time. You could set up a VPN to access your system remotely in a secure way. To do so, you can refer to our openVPN setup guide.

Hi sandmann,

I do appreciate your reply.

Now I have a clearer understanding of my issue and how to solve it. I will try to read on the openVPN on how to set my ubuntu to communicate with mysql.

If I do need help further, will email to you.

Thank you