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Depending on your Ubuntu installation Netplan may not be avaiable on upgraded Ubuntu systems. If this is your case you might attempt to configure a static IP address for your network interface using /etc/network/interfaces file as described at the end of this document.

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Excellent post, although you do not explain why in 18.04 you can only use a static interface. For example, if in /etc/network/interfaces there are two network interfaces (eno1, eno2) and both have static IP, only the second will work. For both to work the first must be in dhcp and the second static. This did not happen at 16.04 LTS. See


Jason A. Quest

Irregular code indenting breaks netplan? What is this, fucking Fortran?



That’s wrong: Configure static IP address using interfaces file

Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 uses netplan, your advice will potentially just break stuff. It certainly won’t be there after a reboot. There is no need to do work arounds. Just google ubuntu 18.04 netplan static IP.

I don’t use the gui, but that might be OK.

Server (headerless) uses : netplan/networkd
Desktop (gui) uses: netplan/networkmanager

So the advice you are giving is (for headerless at least) is making things worse. This is why people struggle with Ubuntu, too many people giving bad advice.


Lubos Rendek Mod -> Stephen

Thank you for the input!!!

That’s wrong: Configure static IP address using interfaces file
Not entirely. Upgraded system may/need still to use interfaces file. In any case the article is not updated. thank you


A huge problem with almost all Linux related hints is the need for someone to have read everything up to yesterday or you’re screwed. In this relatively simple example, how does one know what the ethernet interface is magically named? For that matter , there seem to be several different .yaml (whatever that is) file names used. How does one know which is which?

Maybe I’m just dumb or too old school, but going from 16.04 to 18.04 introduces all kinds of bright new ideas (worthy of Microsoft) that are never explained.

My issue becomes: “sudo netplan try” yields an error that netplan expected a “mapping” line. WTF?