How to create DouDouLinux on my Google Nexus 7



I’d like to see if it’s possible to put DouDouLinux on my Google Nexus 7.

I have a Debian Wheezy armhf base installation on my device, and I was wondering if getting DouDouLinux on it was as simple as downloading the DouDouLinux sources, recompiling it for my device (ARM7) and then modifying the config somehow to run DouDouLinux at startup.

Is something like that possible? Would you be able to describe it enough at a rough level for me to do it myself (unless someone else has already done it or can do it for me)?

Thank you very much for any info.




We have a post on our blog that explains how to install DoudouLinux on top of a Debian system:

You’ll see that installing DoudouLinux on a Debian-like system is just a matter of installing a meta-package :). However, while this will show you how to do, this will likely not work on your Nexus because we aren’t supporting Wheezy yet :(. There aren’t so many compiled packages in DoudouLinux but some of them are patched and we still haven’t looked at porting them to Wheezy. There are also non-binary packages that tune the system and we don’t know how relevant they are in Wheezy.

However, if you feel like diving into DoudouLinux on Wheezy, we are ready to help you because we are interested in Wheezy/armhf too, just join us on our dev’s mailing list ;). Currently we’re still after the release 2.0 based on Squeeze but hope to switch to Wheezy not too late in Q1 2013, for the development version. DrEagle, our ARM hacker, tried to build a Wheezy-based armhf DoudouLinux months ago but failed, as far as I remember, because of missing packages. The best thing to do in my opinion is to try in a virtual machine first (x86), then in a cross building environment.

Hope to see you soon!