How to deliver archive packages (tasksel, laptop detect) without internet

So I found the ubuntu 18.04 archive containing what was wanted for installing a GUI, but my server isn’t online (Its just going to be used as a processor for economic modelling) How can I manually deliver tasksel, laptop detect, etc. to where ubuntu will find them without going online?

Any help greatly appreciated,

Eor (Jon W.)

Hi Eor,

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If you need to install software to the offline system that you have found in .deb format, you may be in luck, you can copy the packages to the machine, and install them with apt or dpkg. That being said, if there are unresolved dependencies, you’ll need to get those too in order to install the original package.

That sounds nice, but getting [those other] packages and getting them situated in the right directory structure does not really work. When install ubuntu-desktop fails, it does so not finding /pool/a through /pool/z and many others. I still cant get it to recognize those .deb files I did transfer.

I’m just going to put the 18.04 Live server iso on a USB and mount it as a disc with apt-cdrom and make that the only repository in sources.list…see what happens.


Hi @eor,

Have a look at my answer here: How to install package in offline mode?

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hope this helps…