How to Install Android Studio on Debian 9 Stretch Linux -

There is no actual installation at this stage. All what needs to be done is to unzip the previously downloaded Android Studio archive file and move it to /opt/ directory:
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Hey guys I just facepalmed the SHIT out of myself. If anyone is experiencing the install wizard come up and say “No android SDK found.” Don’t flip out and start rebooting and deleting what you’ve just downloaded and unzipped like I did. It really spun me for a loop because I KNEW it worked the first time i launched it (but then I closed it cause I wanted to start from the beginning for whatever reason). I had been up all night and was probably just too tired to realize that the problem was simply root or sudo.

$ /opt/android-studio/bin/ <--- This line needs to be a root command
# /opt/android-studio/bin/ <--- This

Hope that saves somebody some frustration…


Lubos Rendek -> kirkh420

Thanks for the input. However, I have rechecked the installation procedure again and there is no need to start the android studio as a root user. In fact I highly discourage anyone from running any GUI application including the android studio as root user. When you followed the above installation exactly the is by default executable by any user.

Is it possible that when you started the android studio for a first time as root user as this will cause the SDK to be installed within /root/Android directory. Check /root/Android directory as I bet it is there:-) Next time you wanted to start the application as a regular user, the SDK is not installed within your home directory and hence your issue.