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Blizzard makes some extremely popular PC games, and their application is how gamers install those games on their systems and keep them up to date. The only problem is that Blizzard has neglected the Linux community by never porting their application over to it. Fortunately, most of the games still work pretty well on Linux if you are using Wine. We'll show you how to install Wine and run on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa in this guide.

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This tutorial works Great! Battlenet installs, and the game downloads. However I have yet to get a game to actually launch. Anyone out there able to get games to launch?

i do everything, game is downloads fine, but i cant run it!

Wine just stops response!

Have anyone fix?

i have game downloaded, but wont play either… any hotfix?

I have Ubuntu 20.04 and I tried running SC2 with this install and it didn’t work either.
What worked for me was this video on youtube:
search by this name: “How to install and run starcraft II on linux - lutris, blizzard batllenet, gpu and wine” uploaded by intelligent gaming (the page does not allow me to leave links).
This guy explains all the steps to follow, he even leaves the links on the pages to download everything.

  1. Install the graphics card drivers
  2. The installation Wine from the official website.
  3. Install Lutris.
  4. Install battlenet
  5. Install SC2
    Now battlenet and SC2 open directly with the Wine application.
    I imagine that to download the other games it must be the same until step 4.
    Hope this can help you.

Thanks for the info, was able to install everything.

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Battlenet crashed after login, pls help!

Hi Korbin thx for the mannuals, i have ubuntu 20.04 LTS and did your instruction until making a new prefix 32 with wine64 installed, it is not possible to install ie8 and vcrun2015, what should i do. Ubuntu wont let me run a new prefix 32 from winetricks command

i format linux and do the mannuals again from wiki winehq /Ubuntu and install Lutris and dxvk instead, now it runs, still downloading blizzard games, i think its working