How to install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux -


The second node with hostname kubernetes-master also running Ubuntu 18.04 will be a slave node simply joining the Kuberneets cluster. Once we get the Kubernetes cluster up and running as a proof of concept we will deploy a Nginx server container.

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Evan Richardson

This has a crap ton of errors in it… for example, both nodes are referred to as “kubernetes-master”, even when you show “kubernetes-slave” . might want to fix that


Braun Brelin

This doesn’t work for me. I’m running on Bionic Beaver and followed your steps exactly, however, the pods don’t ever enter the running state. I get the following error from syslog:

May 10 13:59:12 xvarix kubelet[24245]: W0510 13:59:12.542082 24245 cni.go:171] Unable to update cni config: No networks found in /etc/cni/net.d
May 10 13:59:12 xvarix kubelet[24245]: E0510 13:59:12.542190 24245 kubelet.go:2125] Container runtime network not ready: NetworkReady=false reason:NetworkPluginNotReady message:docker: network plugin is not ready: cni config uninitialized



This tutorial worked very well, but when i rebooted the machine kubernetes didn’t work any more.


sajeer -> Rodrigo

first you should check all the container are running
you should add sudo docker run --restart=always -d your_image


Evan Richardson -> sajeer

kubernetes doesn’t work…not the docker containers. Just ran into the same issue. the fix for me was to remove the swap partition in /etc/fstab by putting a # in front of it, reboot and kubernetes starts right up.


So I am not the best at Linux stuff. I am trying to learn. When I follow all the directions everything works fine minus the need to ‘sudo apt-get update’ after adding the repository. Up until I try to add a node to the cluster then all I can get is:

[discovery] Created cluster-info discovery client, requesting info from “https://<master_addr>:6443”
[discovery] Failed to connect to API Server “<master_addr>:6443”: token id “6fbvvs” is invalid for this cluster or it has expired. Use “kubeadm token create” on the master node to creating a new valid token

I even tried the ‘kubeadm toek create’ and that token does not work either

Any suggestions.