How to install Python 3.8.1 on RHEL 8 - why not possbile with : #dnf install python38?

If it is possible to install Python 3.8.1 on RHEL 8 with dnf, please advise.

I don’t want to use Python 3.6, I want to use Python 3.8.1. I don’t know why IBM hates Python, I don’t know why Redhat hates Python.

The SCL repo has forever been out of date with languages (java, python , node).

IBM/Redhat has vast resources where they could put Python 3.8.1 on a repo somewhere such that it would be easy to install Python like so:

#dnf install python38

but they don’t because they hate Python for the freedoms it has.

Hi Devlocalca,

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Apart from packaging the needed version yourself, you can’t have python 3.8.1 installed by dnf at the moment. You can always install it from tarball.

About the background of it, my opinion is a bit different. Red Hat aims to deliver enterprise grade distribution, so their repositories are always a lot behind upstream. They do so to ensure the content they deliver to their clients is stable. This is not specific to python, for example the shipped kernel with the latest RHEL 8.1 is also far behind from upstream or even Fedora Stable.

If you run servers for a giant company, you want your operating system as bug-free as possible, and even at this rate of delaying release of new versions introduce a bug or to to running productive systems. I’m sure they will provide python 3.8.1 in time, but will be always behind for the above reason.